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School Leadership Coaching

Ever thought thought that your school just needed better leaders? Can you feel a leadership gap?

We've delivered leadership development and coaching programs to some of the highest performing schools in Sydney. 

We know how different school leadership can be and we tailor the program to suit your context.

A typical program is designed by Dr Louise Metcalf, just for you. We assess you on the things that really matter to you and your success.


Then your typical coaching program usually lasts several months and involves a series of telephone coaching sessions with an expert in positive psychology, human behaviour and change - the kind of coach that really inspires!

It's all scheduled around you, so that your usual work is not impacted. 


The best coaching won't rely on gimmicky worksheets or theories, instead it is deeply personalised and enriching. All especially designed for you so that every moment suits your needs. No time wasting.


You can enrol at any time – we'll take care of the rest!

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