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We create high performance cultures

  • Most leaders rate as mediocre on performance reviews
    In a massive study of 5,560 executives at 47 organisations across a broad range of industries internationally, McKinsey&Company found that 99% of executives were less than exceptional, receiving only mediocre scores of 4 or 5 (out of 7) in their performance reviews.
  • But... leadership drives organisational growth
    The same study found that organisations that had more leaders scoring 6 or 7 (out of 7) in performance reviews for more competencies had stronger growth. So stronger leadership does deliver real benefits to organisational growth.
  • So leaders need development... aligned with strategy and culture
    It's common for organisations to be seduced by the latest leadership develop trend, but leadership development that drives results is strongly linked to the organisation's strategy and building a positive workplace culture. We are the experts at linking leadership assessment and development to strategy and culture, in a scientifically valid and powerful methodology. Get in touch today for a free leadership development strategy session, normally worth over $500!
  • Positive cultures drive high performance! But are your leaders positive leaders?
    The old adage of 'just do your job' and 'we don't care how you feel' won't work anymore, and most of the best performing organisations in the world already know it. These days the biggest business impact is in having long term customers, and you don't get those without passionate and happy employees. Is your culture up to scratch? Well, that's what we do best! Don't believe me about the highest performing organisations - read the Apple and Google case study here!

Our Story

We are an award winning, uniquely strategic leadership development consultancy.

Started in 2008 by Dr Louise Metcalf, Futureproofology was created to address the incredible gap arising between organisational strategy and leadership abilities in Australia and around the world.

We have won awards across the Asia Pacific for our unique approach to linking leadership skills and strategy, that we know drives business results.

Don't settle for the latest leadership trend, find out what really works for your business!

*Previously Pax Leader Labs

Our story
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Results you can rely on

We've had our programs externally audited so you can be sure they produce results!

We took the opportunity to fully review our programs, not just in terms of quantifiable outcomes, but also by asking participants what they got out of it.

The answers thrilled us.

All leaders improved by statistically significant amounts, based on pre and post measures of 360 Degree Feedback, which means other people noticed!

Meanwhile leaders also said:

"Coaching session was very special."


"Self reflection was very valuable. Networking was good.


"The science stuff was a real eye opener! This course was amazing!"

"The coaching in particular because it helped me develop a career program."


"The 360 degree was very good, and learning how to understand others and why they operate that way."


"It gave me new skills and tools to work with. Networking very good."

Our awards

60 combined years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Level 20, Tower A, The Zenith

821 Pacific Highway 
Chatswood, NSW,

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